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We host a rehoming page where you can post your pet for adoption. Nobody knows your pet better than you! You can provide the best description of their personality and pictures of them in a home setting. Additionally, you would be most knowledgeable when talking to a potential new owner about whether the animal would be a good fit for them. Once you submit all of the information, we will update our rehoming page within 48 hours. If you don't see a post after 48 hours, please give us a call.


We recommend pets be spayed or neutered and current on their rabies vaccination before rehoming them. 

Please fill out the form below to list your pet on our website.

The section titled "Tell us about your pet..." is what will be copied exactly and pasted into the listing.

If you want tips on how to write a rehoming listing, click the button below!

*Information on surrendering your pet is below the rehoming form. 



We understand there may be a time when you need to rehome your pet or surrender them to a shelter. We do not charge a fee to surrender animals but do ask for a few things...

  • Vet Records - it is very important that we have medical records showing any potential medical issues. It is also helpful to know when vaccinations are due. If we do not receive proof of vaccinations, we have to administer them to ensure they have been done.

  • FIV test results - our cats are in a big cat room; we do not like to have them in little kennels. To be able to release a new feline resident into the cat room, we have to be sure they are FIV negative. We can make arrangements for FIV positive kitties but would like to avoid contaminating the entire group.

  • Behavioral issues - we want to find the right home for every animal and knowing if behavioral reasons were part of why they were surrendered will help us find a forever home that is the perfect fit for them 

Please call us ahead of a surrender.

There are times the shelter is at capacity and we are unable to take in surrenders until a spot opens up. 

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